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What is Roulette and it’s strategies

The game of roulette has been thrilling players of all ages for centuries, from mathematical and statistical experts to those approaching judi online for the first time and particularly appreciates the ease of play that roulette has.

To play roulette you do not need any special knowledge, the rules of the roulette game are quite simple even for the novice player. If you don’t want to learn the complete rules of roulette, just know that you can bet either on an exact number or, as recommended by us, on red or black.

Roulette Rules

To Play: firstly the players bet against the online casino by placing their chips on the different boxes on the table.

The “Spin” button becomes active only after a bet has been placed. The “Re-Bet” button will place the previous bet. Once the player finishes placing bets, they can click SPIN to start the game. The winning number is the number contained in the box where the ball lands.

The result of each spin will be reported on the table on the left, with the recent numbers at the bottom.Non-winning bets are cleared from the table before the start of the next game and winnings are paid according to the following table: Winning

judi online

The table consisted of :

Bets Inside Odd Pay

Single Number 35: 1

Split (2 numbers) 17: 1

Full Cross (3 numbers) 11: 1

Triple (three numbers) 11: 1

Corner (4 numbers) 8: 1

Upper Line (First 4 numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3) 8: 1

Line (6 numbers in two contiguous lines) 5: 1

Out Odd Bets Pay

1st, 2nd or 3rd Column 2: 1

1st, 2nd or 3rd Dozen 2: 1

Red or Black 1: 1

Even or Odd 1: 1

First Half (1-18) or Second Half (19-36) 1: 1

Roulette game strategies

As known, this casino game is very suitable for implementing game strategies, mathematical methods and even tricks that can benefit and allow you to bring the probability of winning to your side.The best roulette strategy is red and black.Expect the same colour to come out at least 4 times in a row, after which you bet on the reverse colour by doubling your bet until it comes out statistically it will come out after another 2/3 rounds.