The strategy of the dragon tiger game

How to improve your chances of winning at the dragon tiger game?

First of all you need to go for the dragon and tiger team. Find them on your map and ignore the other teams. This is the best team to play. In this team you will have a dragon, tiger and a doctor.

The dragon fights with his gun, the tiger fights with his claws and the doctor fights with his scalpel.

Go straight at the dragon and tiger.

The dragon should reach the tiger and tiger should reach the dragon. The dragon will start attacking the tiger and the tiger will attack the dragon.

When the dragon is near the tiger he will start using his gun and when the tiger is near the dragon he will start using his claws.

When the dragon reaches the tiger he will stop and start attacking the tiger and when the tiger reaches the dragon he will stop and start attacking the dragon tiger game.

Once a dragon or a tiger has attacked the opponent, you need to collect the card representing the team. The team with maximum cards wins the game.

Now you have to fight against the other three teams.

When you reach the other team you have to choose the right team. You have to fight against the player who is wearing the dragon and tiger team but your team member has to be on the tiger team.

You can attack the tiger with your gun and the tiger can attack the dragon with his claws.

Both teams will fight each other.

You have to kill the dragon with your gun to complete the game.

Once you kill the dragon you win the game.

You are given 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 available ammo before the battle begins. The opponent has the same amount of ammo. You win the first battle.