Posted on April 8, 2020 in Rehabilitation

How to Find the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment

How to Find the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction can be scary. Many addicts avoid going to rehab simply because they are fearful of what the treatment will entail. But at Alcohol Rehab, we believe addiction treatment does not have to be punishment. Our medically managed detox program gives our clients the compassionate and competent support they deserve.

We think you should use cookie cutters for baking, not for coming up with treatment plans for our clients. Unlike most rehab centers, our alcohol rehab center does not confine anyone to an inpatient facility. Instead we encourage our clients to explore our waterfront location, hit the greens for a round of golf, and communicate with their families throughout their stay. We provide one-on-one counseling and individualized approaches to every facet of recovery.

Looking For the Premier Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Florida?

Rehab is located on a beautiful 10-acre waterfront property. We’re focused on providing outstanding treatment of alcohol addiction, Florida sunsets, delicious and nutritious food, and supportive group therapy settings. Because we understand how alcoholism can impact a family, we also engage with our clients’ loved ones, offering them the same support and service. Our staff understands what our clients are going through, because they went through addiction treatment too.

Here are just a few of the things that make Rehab unique:

Achieving Real Recovery Through Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The key focus at Alcohol Rehab is on real recovery. “Real recovery” means adopting sustainable, long-term solutions that our clients can continue to rely on long after they’ve left alcohol treatment. Addiction is a daily battle, and we believe that by putting our clients in “real” situations as often as possible, they will learn to stop destructive behaviors by dealing with the underlying trauma beneath them instead of self-medicating with alcohol.