Check Out the Best Move When Playing Rio Negro in Argentina

QUINIELA has become a highly popular lottery games today. Have you tried playing this simple game on your own? If not, just select a few numbers, have fun, and take chance. You only may end up a day being millionaire! At quiniela De Rio Negro you can find the complete introduction of how to play the game.

The game is more or less associated with playing lottery. It is said that if a person dream of a thing or any situation, you need to check out the list that establishes numbers for a thing and situation. Thus, if you can remember your dreams, you may try QUINIELA. People generally bet on the important dates, like anniversaries, birthdays’ dates, and others.

Chances of Winning & Prizes

Your chances of hitting Quiniela jackpot are one in 1,477,239. But, a player can win prizes in 4 different tiers. Secondary tiers will be fixed for the Quiniela Plus & Chance Plus.

  • Suppose you match 8 numbers, you can hit a jackpot! Your chances of doing are one in 1,477,239.
  • Suppose you match 7 numbers, you qualify for second prize tier and odds of doing are one in 30,006.
  • Suppose you match 6 numbers, you qualify for third prize tier and odds of doing are one in 1,519.
  • Suppose you match 5 numbers, you qualify for fourth prize tier and odds of doing are one in 146

Thus, we may infer that there isn’t any fixed sum of money you can win and prizes in QUINIELA will be based upon how much you are betting.