Posted on April 8, 2020 in Health

Recover in a Private Alcohol Rehab Center That’s Focused on Your Holistic Recovery

Recover in a Private Alcohol Rehab Center That’s Focused on Your Holistic Recovery

One of the top concerns for people seeking help for alcohol addiction is guarding their privacy. Alcoholics often fear others will judge them for their drinking problem, or they want to protect their family from the prying questions of others. However, it’s important to realize that when they decide to seek help, anything they share will stay between them and their treatment facility.

At Alcohol Rehab, we understand the desire for privacy. Our staff is entirely made up of recovered alcoholics who remember that desire to protect their loved ones and their personal matters. That is why we offer private rehab; alcohol abuse counseling stays between the client and the therapist.

We admit a maximum of 30 clients at a time to maintain intimacy, and our group therapy sessions are purposefully kept small to give our clients the comfortability of only sharing with a few people – deeply respecting our clients’ desire for privacy. However, many find that they experience their biggest breakthroughs when talking with peers who have been through similar experiences.

Our Promise to You: A Private Room Alcohol Rehab Center

Some Alcohol Rehab clients share semi-private rooms. But if you’re looking for private bedroom alcohol rehab facilities in FL, you’ve found the right place. Many clients prefer alcohol rehabs with private rooms, because they want to spend their down time alone in self-reflection. Clients may also choose private cottages with space to spread out during their stay. We also offer private bathrooms.

Alcohol Rehab Facility

Our facility is located on a lush 10-acre property on the Florida waterfront. We encourage our guests to explore the grounds and develop their own hobbies, such as kayaking or playing golf, that can help serve as time to meditate on the lessons being imparted each day at the center. Our soothing and relaxed environment is a perfect conduit for self-discovery.

Alcohol Rehab also values the privacy of our clients’ families. We know that alcohol addiction can be hard on loved ones. Just as we support addicts through detoxification and withdrawal, we also support families at their time of great vulnerability. We put a high premium on their privacy, and we embrace our clients’ loved ones as we would our own.